Young Photographers United is one of the 40 partners of a challenging enterprise : Foto Antwerpen 2005

Varbūt kāda kaudzīte ar poligrāfiķiem ir līdzīgi man un arī paralēli ikdienai aizraujās arī ar fotogrāfiju. Tad nu šis varētu ieinteresēt.

Shown at the moment in the Ravenstein gallery in Brussels (22 Sept 2005 – 30 Oct 2005), the NIVEArt exhibition presents a perfect example of a project where Art meets Business, where YPU collaborates with NIVEA. After the wide success of the NIVEArt exhibition, the YPU team made especially for FOTO Antwerpen 2005 a more artistic oriented selection of the photographic work.

Young Photographers United is pleased to invite you to the ‘WOMEN IN PERSPECTIVE’ exhibition – Kammenstraat (15 oct 2005 – 30 Nov 2005). Vernissage: Kammenstraat 86, Coiffure Stan, Antwerp from 5pm on the 15th of October.

“Visuals” and “Boc Art & Business”.

This projects takes place in multiple locations in the city, it also presents divers activities, besides the exhibitions, like workshops, lectures and conferences. You can find more information online at:

Young Photographers United (YPU) is an international photographers’ platform that aims to promote photography by supporting young photographers as they launch their professional and artistic career. Since 2001, YPU pumps in young blood into the photography world. YPU unites photographers from all over the world regardless of nationality, religion, colour or gender. The platform has now grown to a collective of 150 photographers based around the world and strongly anchored in Europe.

YPU brings “art” and “commerce” together in unique and inspiring projects strong of a close collaboration with the involved parties. The turnout is a spectrum of smart and original projects where high quality visuals are combined with a multi-cultural approach.

NIVEArt and the follow up exhibition, which we present to you now, are examples of such partnerships where the collective as a whole strives to create a collection of images for branding that also result in a large and inspiring exhibition. Not only the images fit the visual expectations of the brand for its communication but the high standard of the work produced can be presented in an exhibition, which is part of a internationally recognized Photo festival.

YPU is on a constant look out for new opportunities by generating new project concepts, engaging with new partners and widening its international management team. Forever striving to be on the brink of something new in the art and photography world.