Sākšu baidīties no pdf failiem un to drošības

Pienāca ziņa, ka ir iznākusi jaunā pdf-Recover Professional versija. Izstrādātāji sola, ka nebūs nekādu problēmu pat ar 128-bitu atslēgām. Man bail.

«There is a wide variety of security option in PDF documents that are only accessible after entering a password. This can be a problem for authors when the passwords are no longer known. The pdf-Recover Professional software package from the UNIVERSE software house based in Neuss, Germany can get you out of this difficult situation; pdf-Recover Professional 3.6 has the functionality to decrypt the safety settings in the current version of Adobe Acrobat 7 and Form Designer.

When creating a PDF file, all of the security settings in a document can be made using a main password. This enables the user to decide whether the content can be edited or printed, or whether form fields can be filled out or text can be copied. But what if you no longer have that password? In the worst case, the document is rendered unusable, and the effort taken in its creation has gone to waste. A solution to this problem can be found in pdf-Recover Professional, which can remove the PDF document’s main password at the click of a button – Version 3.6 can also remove passwords in documents created using Adobe Acrobat 7 and Form Designer 7.

That is not all. The decrypted document can not only be encrypted again with your own passwords; you can also add titles, search phrases, author information and so on to the document. The software can define all of the presentation characteristics of the document – giving you almost the same power as a PowerPoint presentation when using PDF documents in Adobe Reader, if needed. You can set presentation dimensions and display or hide toolbars and menu bars in Acrobat Reader, set the full-screen mode or the position on the display screen.

The pdf-Recover Professional software package not only provides a fast way of solving password problems, but a wide range of functionality for professional document management.

Even documents encrypted using 128-bit algorithms can be decrypted using pdf-Recover Professional, and is compatible with Win 9x and later Windows versions, Mac OSX and Linux.

The product is available for €35 plus VAT. A free test version is available for download at www.pdf-office.com

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  1. Nu ja. Izkļančināšu demo versiju un pamēģināsu uzlauzt savus failus. Ceru, ka nesanāks.

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