Things Never to Say to a Newspaper Designer

Nepaguvu es vēl iepriekšējo uzrakstīt līdz galam, kā man jau atmiņā atausa šis Brendas Šonas apkopojums par lietām, kuras nekādā gadījumā nevajadzētu teikt laikrakstu dizaineriem. Šo iztulkot praktiski nav iespējams un domāju, ka tie, kuriem nekad nav bijusi saskare ar laikrakstu dizainu, neko no zemāk lasāmā nesapratīs.

1. Can you take this and make it look good?

2. The story is 74 inches but there is a mug shot.

3. We’re planning the package now and will involve you when we’re ready to put it all together.

4. Maybe you can take this list and dress it up with some icons or something.

5. I’ll get you a headline later.

6. The story and pictures will be in tomorrow. Can’t you start now?

7. Did you talk to the photo editor before you talked to the photographer?

8. We have to make a last-minute switch and there’s no art with the cover story. Can you pull something together real quick?

9. We’ve worked on this story for a year. You have three hours.

10. What’s with the black clothes all the time?

11. Just leave that part of it to the content people.

12. Can’t you run that picture any bigger? Just trim the story.

13. Can’t you give mne more room for the story? Just make that picture smaller.

14. There’s nothing to designing a news page.

15. After the work is done: “Oh, we forgot to tell you there’s a sidebar and solicit to go with that.”

16. I had this idea and this is what I want you to do.

17. We have to have SIX stories on the cover or we don’t have enough REAL content.

18. Can you fit in this half-page ad on that open page you’re designing?

19. Can’t you make this news page more featurey?

20. Can’t we just Photoshop their heads onto the other bodies? That’d be cool.

21. That’s a little too fun for us.

22. It’s a hard story to visualize. How about an illo?