Padomju Latvija tagad būs vienkārši Latvija

Izrādās, ka Padomju Latvija, tieši tāpat kā Ļeņina smaile, vēl joprojām eksistēja. Tad nu AFP ziņo, ka tā tomēr vairāk nebūs, jo ir veikti uzlabojumi kartogrāfijā. Paldies tev, cienījamais Emomali Rakhmon!

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan (AFP) — Almost 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan has decided to rename a 6,000 metre mountain that had retained the name Mount Soviet Latvia, officials said on Tuesday.

The 6,218 metre (20,400 feet) peak in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountain range will now be known simply as Mount Latvia, the Tajik presidential press service told AFP, ahead of President Emomali Rakhmon’s planned visit to Latvia this month.

The mountain had been christened Soviet Latvia in 1960 when a group of mountaineers from the Baltic state — then part of the Soviet Union — became the first people to reach its summit.

“During the Soviet period many mountaineers made ascents but after Tajikistan regained its independence the number of enthusiasts going there went down,” Rano Sabirova, the head of a Tajik mountaineering firm, told AFP.

The Pamir range — renowned for offering climbers an unrivalled challenge in an almost pristine alpine landscape — had until recently several peaks recalling Tajikistan’s Soviet past.

The legendary Mount Lenin (7,134 metres, 23,400 feet) was in 2006 renamed the Mount of Tajikistan’s Independence while Mount Revolution was renamed Mount Avicenna after the ancient Persian scholar.

But mountaineers with a penchant for Soviet nostalgia can rest assured.

There are still chances to go back in time by climbing Tajik mountains with several peaks, such as Mount of Soviet Officers (6,233 metres, 20,450 feet), retaining their old names.

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